Can Gold Replace Other Investment Methods?

With the recession in full swing, people are finding new ways to invest their wealth. Investing in currency no longer holds the same charm. Currency depreciates too easily. Therefore, people need something else, something stable. The solution to this problem is gold. Gold is a rare metal, and as such its cost is always high. Over the years, the presence of gold keeps decreasing, and therefore, its rate keeps increasing. The gold rate has increased for about 5 times in the past decade. Research shows that there is no way that gold will decrease in rate.
People have tried everything. Forex, real estate and stocks are good when they give you money. But, you don't understand the risk involved until you lose everything in it. Land rates vary all the time. You can't be sure that the variation will always be on the increasing side. It is not possible, especially with the recession. Forex and stocks are really unstable. The market can crash in a day's time, and you'll end up with nothing. It is not wise to do the same mistakes again, and that is why gold has started playing a major role right now. If a Gold bullion rate can increase from $400 to $1000 in just 4 years, then you can see its potential. Even when the other commodities depreciate in their value, gold rate will not be affected in the least.

You can buy it in gold bars. That is much cheaper than buying jewelry. The making charges and other charges involved in jewelry will only be a waste of money, especially if you are not someone who is going to wear them much. On the other hand, gold bars are big solid bars without any making charges. Even while you sell them, there won't be much price depreciation. Even when the market rate for gold is a lot, you cannot get the same amount by selling gold jewelry.
Different gold coins are also good investment options. They are also good to look at, and therefore, two purposes are served. This doesn't mean everyone can invest in gold. People who are stuck in recession might not be able to do it. Only rich people can invest a lot in gold right now, but again, people who are stuck in recession might not be able to use the other investment methods either.
An advantage with gold is that no external factors affect its rate. Its rate is solely affected by its availability in the world. A particular country and its economy are not going to change its rates. Also, gold can be bought in any country. Though taxes must be paid, it can be taken into any country. Therefore, even if you relocate, you don't have to worry about it being of no use in that particular country. Every country allows gold trade, and also its rates are high in all the countries, you can sell it anywhere in the world, and still make a profit.